I graduated in computer engineering in 2007, in Egypt. By now, in Egypt, it's very common for women to work in tech, because of the flexibility that a lot of companies offer there. It was a shock that Germany was such a conservative society in this way. I chose to come to Germany because it really is the technology hub of Europe...”

Azza El Ghazal

"I taught English and Spanish back in Venezuela, and I studied linguistics at university. When I got here, a friend of mine told me about a programming workshop. So I went to a Python weekend, then a Ruby one, then an HTML/CSS —but I was looking for something with more structure. When I started with FrauenLoop, I thought ‘this is for me!'” 

- Lina John

“I took coding courses here and there, but for a long time, I was just remembering programming when I felt lost, or sad, or frustrated on my job. I thought, “I want to be more technical. FrauenLoop is an opportunity to be surrounded by like-minded people —even though we have different backgrounds. It’s an environment where you feel you are not less than someone else. I’m not judged and I am improving my skills.”

- Bamby Gassama

“I studied for five years in college, then became an engineer for quality and controlling, but then I married and had kids, and there were no opportunities to work as an engineer. And then came the revolution and we had to leave. I see FrauenLoop as an opportunity to get back into engineering in Berlin, because it is something I take really seriously.”

Noha Ayman

“People have told me how hard it is for Germans to get used to us Syrians: even when our certificates are recognized, we have no way to make the employer believe in that, because they cannot accept our education, since it’s not German. When people don’t seem to care about that, it hurts. I am not a refugee because I did something wrong. I am a refugee because I am willing to work more, to integrate in Germany and to move forward.”

- Mayssaa Hefteh

"If it wasn't for FrauenLoop, I think I would have not started…or at least it would be very hard to make a first step. I always thought that I wouldn’t be good at it [computer programming]. But when I heard about the classes I decided to try. Also, because as a Graphic Designer I have a different background, I thought that I could use coding in a different way.” 

- Aga Sowinska