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The Story of Your Life? — Adapting Your Résumé for the Globe

Résumés are cultural artefacts — often, they tell us more about the writer’s culture than we realize.   DO’S & DONT’S Would you list your marital status and/or number of children on your professional summary? If you apply for a job in Austria, you might put this on your CV. Do you include a staged, unnaturally-lit photo […]

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What Berlin’s tech scene has in common with US mail rooms

There’s a scene in the series ‘Mad Men’ where the ad team preps to pitch to Menken’s department store and a new face is brought forward. “I had to go all the way to the mail room to find him,” one of the team says.

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Ambitious, educated refugees have a future in Germany (but not where people think)

Plenty of us “newcomers” to Germany share an inability to fit in. But Western tech workers and would-be tech workers in Berlin inhabit different worlds.

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